Medicare Advantage Plans, know the points before getting enrolled

Are you looking for Medicare, here it is. You can avail Medicare benefits with Traditional Medicare. Having Traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans such as PPO or HMO means, the government will pay for the benefits of Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plans are also referred to as MA Plans or Part C. They are available from the private companies that are Medicare approved.  The fact is that Medicare covers the benefits by paying these companies, so that you receive the benefits.

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Joining Medicare Advantage plans means the plan provides Part A Medicare covering the hospital insurance and the coverage with Part B Medicare is the medical insurance. Medicare Advantage plans are completely different from the Medigap or Medicare supplement plans policy.

Medicare Advantage Plans Points to know

Medicare Advantage plans are of different types:

  • HMO or the Health Maintenance Organization plans-Here you can go to doctors, hospital or the health care providers as per the network in the plan. Only during emergency or urgent situations, you can seek other doctor’s assistance. Of course, you are allowed to go for tests or visit specialists with referrals from your primary care doctor.
  • PPO or Preferred Provider Organization plans- Here , you pay less on using the health care providers, hospitals and doctors as per the plan’s network. Paying more is on using hospitals, doctors or specialists outside the network.
  • PFFS or Private Fee for Service plans- Here it is same as any Traditional Medicare that allows you to visit any health care provider, doctor or hospital, if they accept the payment terms as per the plan. The plan ascertains the amount to be paid and verifies how much to pay for the care.
  • SNPs- Special Needs plans- Here it is concentrated for specific group of people to provide health care specialized, similar to people having Medicaid and Medicare, both or have serious medical conditions or are in a nursing home.

 Medicare Advantage Plans must-know points

  • You are in the Medicare program.
  • You have Part A and B coverage as per the plan.
  • You have the protections and right of Medicare.
  • Your costs out-of your wallet are much lower and so it is cost-effective.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans may be joined in case you are suffering with pre-existing conditions such as ESRD.
  • Joining this plan is possible only at certain times, that is getting enrolled is only once a year.