5- Important Check-ups for a good Health

Living healthy and happy is the first step to wealth. You may have a lot of riches in terms of money and valuables. But one thing is for sure if you do not have a healthy body, all is useless. At least you can agree with me on that. The main thing after knowing this fact is how to achieve a good health.

Achieving and maintaining good health is not hard at all. Self-discipline and resilient is all you need. Discipline in terms of what you eat, exercising and watching your general health care. Talk about health care, here are ten different assessments your body needs yearly. Let’s find out.

  1. Checking on your blood pressure. Whether you are sickly or healthy, yearly blood pressure screening is a must. Make a point of visiting your doctor every year or as directed by your doctor. Detecting and treating blood pressure early can safe your life. Sometimes blood pressure is not treatable but you will be able to manage it to a healthy life
  2. Cholesterol screening. Your body needs to be checked on the cholesterol level in your blood regularly. If there is any problem detected the doctor will start treatment immediately. Cholesterol can cause blood pressure and premature death if not detected early.
  3. Bone mineral density test. As you age, your bone mineral density continues to reduce. Testing helps you to have strong bones and avoid fractures. Remember when a fracture occurs in your old age it will be hard to treat.
  4. Diabetes screening. Knowing how to maintain your sugar can help you leave healthy. You should have your blood sugar tested for diabetes frequently. If diabetes is not detected you should visit clinics for screening yearly enough. If it is detected you will be trained how to manage your blood sugar to a healthy living.
  5. Cancer screening. Cancer has become a menace. But, if detected early cancer is treatable. If you are a woman from 12 years of age and above you should start mammogram screening and pap smear test. These two can detect early stages of breast and cervical cancers. If you are a man from ages 15 years and above, purpose to go for prostate cancer screening. Everyone should also go for colorectal cancer screening yearly and any other cancer screening that your doctor many recommend or offered freely in your health centre.

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Apart from the above screenings, you should have a habit of vising your family doctor yearly even when there are no signs of disease. yearly immunization is recommended for flu vaccines, herps vaccines, and even pneumonia vaccines. Ask your doctor for more vaccines that can help you in your health.