In the US, drivers – especially those in the young age group – have to pay a higher premium than the rest. This can be due to different factors, like – too much drinking, less driving experience, rash driving habits, higher incidence of accidents and more. Find out how you can get an auto insurance approval fast and easily.

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Have a clean driving record


Young drivers, in about any state in the United States, are responsible for most car accident cases. It is associated often to rash or drunken driving habits, with or without intention. Cheap car insurance approval is quickly given to young drivers who have a cleaner driving record, are certified by an accredited driving institute and do not consume alcohol or drugs.


Look at top car insurance websites


Many of the top car insurance websites offer free quotes to users, mailed straight to their inboxes. From such sources, you can get easily a table comprising of insurance quotes. You will only have to fill up an online form and submit various important details – like your name, age, driving record, car cost, car model, date of buying the vehicle, your usual parking spot etc. It is possible to get auto insurance approved fast by these companies.


Choose a safer vehicle


If you choose the right cars that come with various safety features installed in them, such as anti lock braking system, driver warning / notification system etc, you can get a faster approval. You can also ensure a faster approval if you go for a mileage efficient car – one that saves fuel.


Sharing your trip details


If you are a person who uses the car only to drive to high school or a workplace that is closer to your home, you can mention that to the insurance provider. Car insurance companies are also more eager to approve customers who drive less number of miles every day, which automatically reduces the risks of auto accidents and mishaps.


Park in a secure spot


If you park your car in some secure parking spot, the risks of theft, arson and rusting are automatically reduced, and a quicker approval is possible. This is a great way to lower your insurance premium as well, as insurers feel more confident about vehicle owners who use a more secure parking area for their cars. This is a sure-fire way of making your insurer feel more confident about approving you.

Have you thought about medical coverage plan? According to life planner expert. It is essential for every people. As a senior citizen, you may have a health plan for you. Does it cover all of your expenses? No, it does not. There is a huge gap in your medical coverage plan. To fulfil the gap, you need to cover up an extra plan for better. Aetna Medigap plans are one of them. It was designed to fill up the uncovered portion of your expenses.

What is it?

The supplement plan is stated under the laws of federal government. One thing keeps in mind that you must be a US citizen to get the supplement plan. The supplement plan increases the original healthcare plan which already belongs to you, and it is done by the private insurance company. In that case, both the company will pay their shared amount for your healthcare cost to the hospital or treatment unit.

Benefits of plan

Personal and private companies sell the Medicare supplement plans to the individual customers. The plans are there to protect the person’s expense. All the quotes are derived from the standardization of US federal rules and regulation. There is an enrollment period for purchasing the insurance plans. You don’t need to qualify the plans. It doesn’t combine with the existing plan. You can easily buy the plan from any of your chosen company.

When can you buy it?

There is a predefined period of buying a supplement plan. The conditions are made by the government and that are strictly followed by the companies. If you are 65+ in age, then you are eligible for getting the plan. There is also the provision of fewer than 65 if there are any specific disabilities in your body.

For each person, the enrollment starts on the first day of the month when he/she will be 65+, and after that, there will be 6 month period to complete the procedure. For example, if your birthday is on 4th April, the enrollment term will start on 1st April and will end on 1st September.

Facts of medicare supplement plans

If the consumer has any other group health group policy, then he/she is not eligible to get it. He/she has to wait for the termination of the previous one. When you apply for it, the company will not ask a single question to you. You just have to write the coverage area you want and pay your premium.

So, don’t be late, get your Medicare supplement plans as soon as possible. After all, health is an important part of human life, and you have to keep it good for your better future.

Questions relating to Medicare Supplement Plans and benefits to spouses as Social Security are more and this is especially with spouses in lower income-earning groups or with spouses who do not work. Is there similar consideration with Medicare as well?


There are many families facing the same situation with applying for Medicare Supplement Plans, where the insurance programs from the government covers Americans in the age 65 and over, besides people with certain disabilities.  Generally, the answer is positive. Your spouse qualifies on your work record for Medicare. Remember, Medicare may appear complex, but there are possibilities for the spouses to receive their Medicare.


First it is about being qualified for the Medicare to receive Medicare Supplement plans benefits. The eligibility is hospital coverage Part A that is free to workers who worked to avail the benefits of Social security retirement as qualification. To meet that, it means you have earned during the working life 40 credits or something equivalent of working for 10 years. In this people receiving social security disability payments also are considered qualified. The eligible workers spouses are covered, even if they are surviving spouses and divorced on meeting certain conditions.  However, there is a need to pay per month up to $411 if you have no work history and this is for the premiums of Part A.


People eligible for Part B Medicare plans enjoy the doctor visits covers and also outpatient services as it does not ask for work history, but require you to pay a premium monthly. Most beneficiaries pay $104.90 per month as premiums, while the higher earners and new beneficiaries pay more.


Now, here are some “ifs” that might affect your particular situation. To qualify for premium-free Part A, your spouse must be 65 or older, and you must be at least 62. If you are under age 62, he must pay Part A premiums until you reach that age.


Your marriage if new must have a record of at least one year so that he applies on your work record for Medicare. This requirement applies to same-sex couples married as well, if they are eligible for benefits to apply based on the record of their spouse.


Finally, to enroll for Medicare Supplement Plans, you can speak to a licensed agent. A safe side is to have a Medigap Plan for Part D coverage or consider the Medicare Advantage plan that is all-in-one, but be sure to know the risks and limits.

Medicare Advantage Plans have gotten negative criticism in the course of recent years. One prominent website that sells Medigap plans for all intents and purposes rails against Advantage plans (like HMO’s and PPO’s). The proprietor of the site goes so far as to state that Medicare recipients are constantly happier with Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) than with a Medicare Advantage Plan. Why are a few people so vocal in their resistance to these plans? Here are a few reasons why I think this is the situation.


  1. Many corrupt agents have sold Medicare Advantage Plans without truly considering what was to the greatest advantage of the Medicare recipient. Stories have flourished about “grandmother” being moved over into some new plan that did not include her doctor or medication.


I have by and by been in the kitchen with Medicare Beneficiaries who were crying, since some trick operator preferred influencing a commission to helping that individual to get what the best plan for their situation.


  1. Low and Even Zero Plan Premiums Can be Misleading


Many Medicare Advantage Plans have low or even zero plan premiums. Many folks see this and imagine that they are getting something to no end. In all actuality in any case, not that basic. Co-pays, Co-protection and higher drug costs with many of these plans can really cost more than premiums for a Medigap policy.


Also, as we have been taking a gander at a portion of the plans for 2010, there are a few plans that have no out of pocket most extreme (no stop misfortune, if you will). If you wind up getting extremely tired with some of these plans, you may be capable to pay a vast whole of cash for your offer of your medicinal costs.


  1. Limitations to Networks and Plan Rules


Another grumble regularly leveled against Medicare Advantage plan is that Medicare Beneficiaries are limited to seeing just suppliers that are affirmed by the plan. In a HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) for instance, you should regularly pick a Primary Care Physician (PCP) and if you need to see an authority, you should get a referral from your PCP before you do as such.


With those “strikes” against Medicare Advantage Plans, maybe you are anticipating that me should state, alongside that other creator I specified, that Medicare Advantage Plans are never the correct decision for individuals with Medicare.

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That however isn’t the situation. There are many situations we have encountered where it shows up in any event (in our judgment) that a Medicare Advantage Plans is to the greatest advantage of a customer and improves protection than Original Medicare (Part An and Part B) alone.


There are many, many, many individuals who completely, emphatically, by no means, can’t afford to pay a month to month premium (for a Medicare Supplement Policy and additionally a Prescription Drug Plan).


I am of the feeling that if you CAN afford to pay a premium for Medigap and a Part D Plan (and it pays to shop around) that you should pay the premiums and be finished with it. If you can’t afford it nonetheless, there may without a doubt be plans that offer protection well beyond Original Medicare (plans for instance that give an extensive Maximum Out of Pocket, or MOOP).


Are Medicare Advantage Plans appropriate for everyone? Obviously not. Similarly, as there isn’t one retirement plan, or life protection plan or long haul mind plan that isn’t right for each individual, there is basically no real way to state that Medicare Advantage is “ideal” or that a Medigap policy is “ideal”.